• FREED Performance

    we're multilingual.

    Our passion lies in German engineering, but when it comes to high performance cars, we speak all "languages". From Itailian-born Ferraris and Lamborghinis to all things German & British, we don't discriminate for whom we turn a wrench.

  • FREED Performance

    drive smarter.

    FREED Performance is an authorized dealer and installer of Escort Radar & Laser Detectors. Escort provides the world's best radar and laser detectors as well as other premium automotive accessories.

    Our top seller is the 9500ci (shown) and believe us when we say, "there is nothing else like it."

  • FREED Performance

    porsche = passion.

    2007 Porsche 997 Turbo

    • + Evolution Motorsports Engine Upgrade
    • + Evolution Motorsports Tiptronic Software Upgrade
    • + HRE 20" Monoblok P40's with Michelin PS2's
    • + TechArt Front Bumper, Side Skirts, & Rear Diffuser
    • + Misha Rear Spoiler
  • FREED Performance

    gone in 6 seconds
    ...or less.

    Performance is our passion - especially when it comes to Porsche. We have what it takes to boost the performance of nearly any vehicle both on the street and on the track.

    We work with our clients to determine the right parts, accesories, and most of all - budget.

  • FREED Performance

    style + class.

    Don't let his looks fool you. While Sean cleans up well, he's not afriad to get dirty when it comes to servicing his clients' vehicles. At only 29 years of age, Sean is ASE Certified and also holds advanced certifications and 9 Porsche credentials.

    Add to that a good sense of confindence and dignity, and you have yourself the perfect mechanic.

  • FREED Performance - Pantera

    a rockin' pantera.

    This rare and unique Pantera got the special touch from FREED. When it comes to classic cars, the owners rely on us to service and maintain their cars with care and close attention to detail.

  • FREED Performance

    rebuild = rebirth.

    Adding performance upgrades to high-end cars is what we do. We have the knowledge and expertise to take your vehicle from an everyday driver to a remarkable race machine.

    From standard service and maintenance to full engine replacement, your car is in good hands.


FREED Performance is a privately-owned automotive service, repair, and performance shop. We can work on any performance vehicle.

what we do.

service & repair

  • Scheduled Maintainance
  • Transmissions
  • Suspension
  • Electrical
  • Engines
  • Brakes

performance tuning

  • Aerodynamics
  • Headers + Exhaust
  • Intakes + Manifolds
  • Driveline Modifications
  • Engine Performance Software
  • Superchargers + Turbo Systems


  • Performance Upgrades
  • Race Suspensions
  • Weight Reduction
  • Safety Equipment
  • Custom Engines
  • Track Cars

FREED Performance - Interior Shot


Some have labeled us as a "Dealer Stealer" because when it comes to quality and price, we leave dealers in the dust. Don't worry - we're not car thiefs, we just believe in providing the same personlized service as expensive dealerships without the hefty price tag.

When it comes to customer service, we always go out of our way to make sure that you are satisfied with our services. We have only the top-trained and highest quality technicians in all of metro-Atlanta; this gives us the ability to provide dealer quality service without the huge price tag.

Whether it is your daily driver or your weekend track car, we have the experience you expect and need to take your performance vehicle to the next level. No project is too big. No part is too small. We've got you covered.


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ASE Certified

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