Power Steering Repair

Are You Having Power Steering Issues that Signal the Need for Power Steering Repair?

Power steering is an advanced steering system designed to make it easier for drivers to control a car. The overall effort required by the driver is reduced with the help of either electric or hydraulic assistance.

Main Power Steering Parts & Components

  1. Power Steering Pump. The power steering pump circulates power steering fluid under pressure, enabling the hydraulic piston in the steering gear to move
  2. Rack and Pinion. These components translate the steering wheel’s circular motion into the linear motion needed to steer the vehicles wheels.
  3. Steering Yoke. The steering yoke is a guide bearing designed to maintain a consistent engagement between the rack and pinion.
  4. Steering Coupler. The steering coupler, which includes a cylindrical rubber bushing, ensures the transfer of movement from the steering wheel to the steering rack.
  5. Tie Rod Ends. These are components that attach the ends of the steering rack to the steering knuckle and allow the motion of the rack to be translated into turning movement of the front wheels.
  6. Power Steering Hoses. There are two main power steering hoses, the high side and the low side. The high side hose carries power steering fluid under pressure to the rack to provide the power assist to steering inputs. The low side hose carries low pressure fluid back to the pump.

Here are Some Primary Signs That You Need Power Steering Repair

  1. Your steering wheel is stiff. If the steering wheel is extremely stiff and hard to turn, there is likely something wrong within the power steering system.
  2. Your steering wheel is loose. If the steering wheel feels too loose and doesn’t feel like it’s reacting properly, that’s a common sign of power steering issues.
  3. You hear whining or groaning noises. There is a distinct whining or some will say “groaning” noise that you hear when the power steering system is struggling. This noise is typically only heard when you’re turning the wheel.
  4. You hear a squealing noise when you turn your car on. If you hear an unpleasant squealing noise when you turn on the car, that is often the power steering system.
  5. Steering has a slow response. If the steering feels really slow to respond (if you turn the wheel and the steering motion of the vehicle feels a bit delayed), this is another common sign you need power steering service or power steering repair.

If you’re having issues with your power steering, we’re here to help. Request an appointment today so we can diagnose your power steering problems and implement the proper repairs.

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