Car AC Repair & Recharge

Is your car’s air conditioning blowing weak, not cold enough, or not blowing at all? You’re likely in need of AC repair or an AC recharge.

Car AC Inspection

To diagnose the problem with your car’s air conditioning, our technicians at FREED Performance will do a full inspection of the AC system, including:

  • System fan level check
  • System PSI pressure reading to verify Freon level
  • Output temperature check
  • Blower fan and compressor examination to ensure proper operation
  • Belts and hoses inspection to discover indications of aging and potential failure
  • Diagnosis of possible problems with faulty switches, fuses, wiring, the condenser, or internal compressor seal failure

Once we diagnose the problem, we can determine whether or your car’s AC needs to be repaired or recharged.

The Major Components of Your Vehicle’s AC System

  1. Compressor: The most essential component of any air conditioning system is the compressor. The four main functions that your vehicle’s compressor carries out include: pressurizing the refrigerant to cool the air, sensing temperature changes inside and outside the car, monitoring and controlling temperature output, and moving air to the condenser.
  2. Condenser: When the compressor is pressurizing the refrigerant, the condenser works to reduce the temperature and pressure of hot gasses coming from the refrigerant. In addition, the condenser is also responsible for moving the cooled liquid refrigerant to the receiver/dryer or accumulator.
  3. Receiver/Dryer or Accumulator: A receiver/dryer is present in vehicles that have a thermal expansion valve. An accumulator, on the other hand, is found in vehicles that have an orifice tube. The receiver/dryer works to separate gas from liquid. The compressor can be ruined if any liquid gets in. That’s because a compressor isn’t designed for liquids, just gasses. This part also takes out moisture using a desiccant. Desiccants can be compared to the small, bead-filled packet you find in packaging for new electronics. The accumulator is responsible for monitoring and controlling the amount of refrigerant that goes into the evaporator. It also stores excess refrigerant, filters debris and removes moisture.
  4. Thermal Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube: The Thermal Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube should be located between the condenser and evaporator. Together, they monitor the amount of pressure and temperature of your A/C system and calculate the exact amount of refrigerant that can safely go into the evaporator.
  5. Evaporator: You’ll find this component right behind the dashboard. It’s in charge of cooling the air with the refrigerant before it is blown into the cabin of your vehicle.

AC Repair vs AC Recharge

If your AC is blowing hot or just isn’t cold enough, there’s a chance that your car’s AC system just needs to be recharged. There could also be a small leak that needs to be found and repaired.

In other cases, the AC will blow hot because a major component has failed and needs to be replaced or repaired.

Schedule an appointment today so we can diagnose your AC problems.

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